Fidutrust Revision SA


In our capacity as licensed expert-auditors, we are capable of advising you for the following services:

Audit of annual accounts in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations relating to limited audit.

Audit of annual or consolidated accounts in accordance with Swiss law and Swiss auditing standards (NAS).

Verification of individual and consolidated accounts in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss standards GAAP, RPC or IFRS.

Audit of accounts for local councils and other public institutions.

Audit of pension funds.

Company valuation.

Accounting audits for third parties, courts of law and insurance companies.

Advice on drafting and presenting financial statements.

Other special mandatory or voluntary auditing assignments, such as:

• Incorporating companies
• Verification of contributions in kind
• Share-capital increase
• Share-capital reduction
• Liquidation
• Audit according to the Law on Mergers
• Critical examination (Review) of annual accounts
• Examination on the basis of agreed auditing procedures
• Due diligence
• Internal audit

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